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Homeland Security Today: Al Qaeda’s Regional Affiliates Continue to Threaten Global Security

Mahmut Cengiz, Ph.D. (2024)

Focus on Nigeria: Sources of Violence and Conflict

Eoin B. Healy, Ph.D. and Natalie Anastasio (2023)

Focus on the Wagner Group

Eoin B. Healy and Natalie Anastasio (2023)

Focus on the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Eoin B. Healy, Ph.D. and Natalie Anastasio (2023)

Racial Dynamics in the Perpetration of Far-Right Violence in the United States

Hope LaFreniere and Natalie Anastasio (2023)

An Overview of GTTAC and 2022 Data

GTTAC Project Director, Adam Blackwell, was able to share GTTAC’s assessment of 2022 global terrorism trends during a recent panel discussion titled “Trends and analysis of global Organized Crime and -Terrorism convergence.”

2023 Presentation to Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC)

Adam Blackwell

Americans Are Not the Only Targets of Iranian-Backed Militia Groups in Iraq and Syria

Homeland Security Today

Mahmut Cengiz, PhD (2023)

Hezbollah’s Global Networks and Latin American Cocaine Trade

Small Wars Journal El Centro

Cengiz, M and Camilo Pardo-Herrera (2023)

ISIS-Khorasan Appears to Be Replacing the Taliban’s Terror in Afghanistan

Homeland Security Today

Mahmut Cengiz, PhD (2023)

What’s Behind ISIS Khorasan’s Relentless Attacks on Mosques in Afghanistan?

ISIS-K wants the world to know that it is serious about achieving its goals and that the organization will persist and not be ignored.

Mahmut Cengiz, PhD

The Taliban

Published December, 2021
Eoin B. Healy, PhD

Following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in 2021, GTTAC summarizes the terrorist incidents and their characteristics from 2018 through 2018 during their conflict with the Afghan government.

Anti-Asian Violence in the United States

Developed by Arie Perliger, Director of Security Studies and Professor of Criminology and Justice Studies, UMass Lowell.

The Impacts of Organizational Structure on Salafi-Jihadist Terrorist Groups in Africa

Published Winter 2022
International Journal on Criminology.

Mahmut Cengiz, PhD and Huseyin Cinoglu, PhD

Tales vs. the Truth: Was the United States Really Behind Turkey’s July 15 Coup Attempt?

Authors: Kutluer Karademir, PhD and Mahmut Cengiz, PhD

The ISIS Model and its Influence Over Global Terrorism

Published February 28, 2022
European Scientific Journal

Cengiz, M., Karademir, K., & Cinoglu, H. (2022)

Beheading as a Signature Method of Jihadist Terrorism from Syria to France

Mahmut Cengiz, PhD