“The Islamic State’s Global Hub-and-Spoke Structure and the Terrorism Threat Against the West”

Dr. Hamming holds a Ph.D. in political and social science from the European University Institute. Building on years of digital anthropology, field trips, hundreds of primary documents and interviews with high-ranking Jihadis, his book ‘Jihadi Politics: The Global Jihadi Civil War 2014-2019’ analyses the split between al-Qaida and the Islamic State and the ensuing conflict between the two groups. In his current research, Dr. Hamming specializes in the Western Jihadi terrorism threat and the communication of supporter networks. Having done extensive research on Syria and Iraq for several years, his current geographical focus is eastern and central Africa and the AfPak region. As a consultant, Dr. Hamming is working in the intersection between politics, tech, and intelligence and he is a regular expert in terrorism cases across the globe.